The spices lactose free. With all the spices character

For those who are intolerant to lactose and look for specific beverages, high in taste: unique mixes with raw coconut sugar, natural oriental spices and lots of creativity. For their preparation is possible to use your own favourite veggie milk.

Lactose free, with pure spices

Ginseng coffee veg

With caramel hints and pure ginseng extract, invigorating.

Japanese matcha blend

With green matcha tea. Contrast fatigue and improve concentration.

Chai blend

With cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and star anise. Antioxidant beverage.

Exquisite Turmeric blend

Un gioco di spezie vivace, rinvigorente e dal potere antinfiammatorio dato dalla curcuma.

Original choco blend

Una miscela ricca di antiossidanti, perfetta per quando si ha bisogno di una pausa rigenerativa.

Beetroot choco blend

Una miscela che unisce le vitamine e i minerali della barbabietola con gli anti-ossidanti del cioccolato.

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